User Reviews

User reviews are a very significant element of SEO and digital marketing. Google are more inclined to reward sites that have positive user reviews with better rankings and also reviews can act as a powerful promotional tool.

92% of consumers will read reviews before they buy a product or service, thus social proof is as good an influencer now as ever. Reviews can be a very effective tool for any company looking to maximise on conversions.

Set up profiles for your business on reviewing platforms

Make sure you claim your business’ free profile on Google My Business (GMB). This great tool helps keep and control all the relevant information about your business in one place that users can easily find in search, including your Google reviews, location and contact details.

Make leaving reviews easy

Add a link on your website for users to click on that will direct them directly to where they need to go to leave a Google review. You can also embed positive Yelp reviews into your site for all prospective customers to see.

Social media websites are also a form of social proof to potential customers. Recent research has found that social media has become the second most effective tool for customer retention in digital marketing, after email. So make sure you also add Pinterest, and Twitter and share buttons to your website.

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