NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

NAP is short for name, address, phone number. For search engines like Google, these details create a unique marker that distinguishes you from anyone else. By listing your NAP details consistently, you reflect your presence in a particular area and your ability to rank for location-based searches.

A good first step to strengthening your business’s local online identity is to make sure your business name, address and phone number can be found in obvious places. This information should be consistent, as it will aid search engines in identifying you correctly.

Make sure you have claimed your Google My Business page. It’s paramount that you include a phone number and a business address that’s consistent across all other online directories.

It is also advisable to add your full NAP details to your site. It’s usually best practice to have this information in the footer of your website. The extra benefit of including it in the footer is that it’s automatically added to every page of your site.

Marking up your NAP details with Local Business Schema markup is also a good idea. This will enable your most important local information to be unequivocally understood by all major search engines.

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