Link Building

What is link building?


Link building is the process of acquiring links from an external source which points to your site. These links enable both search engines and users to visit your site and get it on the search results map.

Why are links important?


The internet is made up of interconnecting pages and platforms that uses links to encourage users to navigate it in a certain way. Any piece of online content will be strewn with link invitations to different pages and websites. The first webmaster-mind to realise the significance of these links was Google.

Search engines have adapted and refined their algorithms to make sure that the links that still act as votes of confidence, are organic and genuine. Any links that look like they have been bought or badly placed are likely to be striped of their worth (no benefits for website rank or authority), or trigger a search engine penalty.

User experience is very important to Google and when its algorithms are manipulated by webmasters, it becomes much harder to deliver a positive user experience and high quality search results. As a result a manipulative link that does not provide an accurate reflection of the page’s true popularity or quality, would enable poor quality sites to appear in search, unless removed with a penalty.

So how does Link building work?


Link building is about acquiring links from credible sites and to do so in a way which is in keeping with Google’s ambition to enhance user experience. A SEO campaign should focus on crafting content that provides a good home for links.

Manual outreach links

In the early stages of any SEO campaign there is a lot of hustle. All site curators want their content to get seen, shared and of course linked to.

SEO agencies spend a lot of time identifying and communicating with bloggers, editors and content curators that could provide a link that would be beneficial to a client’s website. A method to win these potential links, and build a relationship that will yield links, can then devised and implemented.

It’s very important to note that link building is about quality over quantity. Search engines know the difference between an established and credible news website and a small, rarely updated blog

Self generated non-editorial links

The majority of SEO agencies will look for editorial links, those which feature within an article. These links usually look more organic, appear on higher authority sites, and have higher levels of user engagement, ie traffic.

Organic links

These links are a strong indication of a successful SEO campaign. Once a website becomes an established creator of outstanding content, or becomes a high profile business thanks to increased visibility in search, it’s natural that websites are going to start linking to your site on their own accord. These links are known as organic or natural links.

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