Google Ads

This is Google’s advertising platform used by businesses large and small alike to advertise online. This encompasses banner ads, video content and more that can be displayed wherever Google exists: search results page, websites and youtube videos to name a few.

The model for Google Ads is based on pay per click (PPC) and can be manually adjusted by the business/ advertiser to include various parameters such as local, national and international markets. The online advertising model is very smart as it can access a user’s internet history which means that Google can effectively tailor certain ads to appear while you surf the web. As you’ve no doubt noticed if you’re searching for a new pair of shoes for example and click off to another site, you’ll often find an ad appear somewhere on the page offering discounted shoes.

Ads are chosen by specific keywords that have varying degrees of competition, for example mountain bikes will likely be very competitive whereas mountain bikes in Bristol will obviously narrow down the search results and be a more economical use of budget.

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Event Tracking & Conversion Tracking

Event tracking refers to the measuring of interactions on a website beyond a web page load. Event tracking supplies data on how web visitors are engaging with a website, which makes it possible to optimise the SEO and PPC marketing campaigns to maximum effect


What Is Link Juice?

A site has an overall Domain Rank. This is the total amount of positive link metrics associated with a website as a whole. The Domain Rank is determined by the combined PageRank of all of the individual pages on a website.

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