A citation, link or mention in any digital content signifies endorsement, trust and authority.

What is SEO co-citation?

SEO co-citation refers to the interaction that occurs when websites discuss interrelated themes, concepts and mention each other. A crucial element of co-citation is the significance of the words that surround links. Implementing co-citation can help explain how to get ranked for keywords that you don’t even reference, thanks to the words and citations that you usually are associated with.

Co-citation is about participating in a community and creating the ideal context for links, a skill that requires tact and consideration.

How to conduct co-citation

Co-citation can be very important in setting up effective long-term strategies as it rewards those who create unique and high-quality content related to their industry.

By changing your website into a valuable resource with tips, guides and analyses of services related to your field, you can identify your website as an authority to Google.

In an ideal scenario your great content would result in referral links from other great websites. While this goal is an obvious one that’s rightly pursued by many practitioners of SEO, its relation to co-citation is often ignored.

Optimising pages for keywords is still very important, but encouraging the right kind of co-citation also includes the optimising of the words around citations. These words are as influential as the keywords on the pages of your great content and can aid Google’s algorithms.

The importance of outbound links

Co-citation refers to the relationship between the mention of key phrases across the internet and the similarity of referrals. Therefore, linking and mentioning industry related terms and authorities is crucial.

By providing high-quality outbound links, there’s an indication to crawlers that you are associated with the content being linked to and is also a benefit to your readers.

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