Branded Search

Branded search is results displayed when a user searches for your brand name. Whether you’re a new start-up or a large national business, you will want to rank number one for your branded search. However, it isn’t always easy to be the top listing, even for your own brand.

What is a branded keyword?

A branded keyword, or a branded search, is any query through a search engine that includes the name of your business or brand, like ‘Grizzly’. This could include other words too, like ‘Grizzly agency’ or ‘Grizzly Bristol’. Essentially a branded search includes your brand name as part of it.

Is ranking for branded search easy?

Ranking for branded search can be easy, however not always. Take McDonalds for example. They are a huge, international business, who have been around for many years. They have an established site and so appear at the top of the results page for a search for: ‘McDonalds’. Underneath their homepage, the search result also lists their social media accounts, news stories and a Wikipedia entry.

The McDonalds brand is very strong, with numerous sites talking about them, increasing the likelihood that they’ll rank first for their brand. But what if you’re a smaller business, or have a brand new site?

If your business is not ranking highly for your branded search, an SEO agency can help you identify why. There could be a range of reasons and they vary in complexity:

• Your website isn’t indexed
• You are in competition with another brand of the same or similar name
• Your website is not properly optimised (bad SEO)
• You use an acronym for your brand name which could be used by another company or entity

Brand monitoring can aid you with branded search

Brand monitoring is a term used by SEO agencies and data tracking tools to describe mentions of your brand on the internet. There are many tools that can help you track these mentions, providing a record for you and your team.

Brand mentions and monitoring is similar to PR, in the sense that you want to get your name out to as many people as possible. Wherever users are, you want to be.

If you are wanting to improve your branded search, or would like to know why you aren’t ranking at number one for your brand name, contact our SEO team.

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