Alternative (Alt) Text

This text is used to describe an image and will not usually be seen by an average site user. You can see the alt text when hovering the mouse cursor above the image, a small text box will appear with the alt text written out. In SEO terms it’s generally good practise to label images as accurately as possible in order to help search algorithms identify and index your website’s content correctly.

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Event Tracking & Conversion Tracking

Event tracking refers to the measuring of interactions on a website beyond a web page load. Event tracking supplies data on how web visitors are engaging with a website, which makes it possible to optimise the SEO and PPC marketing campaigns to maximum effect


What Is Link Juice?

A site has an overall Domain Rank. This is the total amount of positive link metrics associated with a website as a whole. The Domain Rank is determined by the combined PageRank of all of the individual pages on a website.

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