410 Errors

This error code signifies that the page is ‘not found’ like a 404 but in fact gone completely. While 404 means temporarily unavailable, a 410 indicates that the page used to exist but has now gone forever thus removing it from the crawl index. Here’s an example when you might use this over a 404: you have an ecommerce site that no longer sells a particular item and as a result you no longer want any traffic looking for this item so you can use a 410 error to effectively erase that item’s trace from your site; useful in certain scenarios.

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Event Tracking & Conversion Tracking

Event tracking refers to the measuring of interactions on a website beyond a web page load. Event tracking supplies data on how web visitors are engaging with a website, which makes it possible to optimise the SEO and PPC marketing campaigns to maximum effect


What Is Link Juice?

A site has an overall Domain Rank. This is the total amount of positive link metrics associated with a website as a whole. The Domain Rank is determined by the combined PageRank of all of the individual pages on a website.

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