Website Must Have Features

At Grizzly we know how difficult it can be to capture the user's attention and keep traffic flowing to your website. With the number of websites growing in to the billions, it's now more important than ever to stand above the crowd and make sure your website is attracting customers and keeping them.

Here are our four must have website features to help you draw in new customers and retain them.

1. Look beautiful

Typically a customer will make a first impression of a business within a few seconds of being on their website. If your website does not look professional or modern visitors will be much less likely to stay and read on.

A safe approach is to use a minimalist and clean style (although this can vary depending on the audience). Good photography is also essential to your website looking great. Invest in a good photographer to make sure you are showcasing your business, products or services in the best way possible.

2. Mobile Friendly

The vast majority of online traffic comes from users on mobile devices and most visitors will not have the patience to navigate around your website if it is not mobile optimised. Make sure your website is fully responsive to avoid frustrating potential visitors.

3. Speed

The speed of your website is vital to attracting more visitors. 40% of customers will only wait 3 seconds for a web page to load before leaving, so having a fast loading website is a must. It also determines how high you rank on search engines.

4. Call to Action

It should be easy for a customer to visit your website and then be able to get in touch. Determine what the goal of your website is and make it obvious to the customer. Make sure any 'Contact' or 'Purchase' buttons are clear and accessible.

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