Why Do I Need Better Web Performance?

Website performance is a critical factor to the functionality of your website and user experience. You may be wondering why does Google care about my site’s speed or if a fast site is really necessary? As a digital agency, we would like to share our views on why your business might need better web performance.

Speed Matters

A slow website is not good news for traffic to your website. One of the fundamental aspects of your web performance is related to page load times for a number of reasons:

• Page load times are now part of Google’s search results ranking algorithm, as they will rate faster pages higher because of customer satisfaction.

• Over 50% of online shoppers have claimed that if a site is too slow they will not make a purchase.

• With a larger focus on the user experience both from consumers and designers, every lost second lowers the user’s expectations for gratification which reduces conversions by 8%.

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How to make your site faster

One of the easiest ways to help your web performance is to make back end adjustments that increase the overall speed of your site. Here are some of the things we regularly do to help make sites perform better:

Be mobile – You need a site that is optimised for mobile if you want to have the speed mobile users expect.

Enable compression – By using compression you can speed up the delivery of content by well over 50%.

Understand metrics – It is more than a case of load time. You must also be aware of the time to interact, which lets you know how long a customer has to wait before they can take action. This is fundamental when deciding the order in which actions are performed to ensure users can act quickly versus waiting for a key element to load.

Be careful with images – Overly large images that have not been optimized are like anchors that weigh you down and slow you down. Make sure the image fits the purpose it is intended for and is sized properly and compressed.

In summary, website speed and how it relates to web performance is more important now than ever. Web users have higher expectations about what technology should be able to provide and are becoming more and more impatient. Better web performance will ensure you stay ahead of the competition and offer a great user experience.

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