Guest Post: Top 9 Abandoned Cart Email Tips that Work Great for E-Commerce

In the wake of the digital world, most retail marketers are facing a challenge due to the rising cart abandonment. In 2018, the number of abandoned carts has risen to 75.6%, and it has been increasing over the years. The increasing percentage is an indicator of how retailers in the market lose revenue. It also indicates there is a problem in the sales cycle forcing marketers to turn to emails to recover the abandoned sales. According to experts from essay writing service, the e-commerce presents available products, but after a customer starts adding carts, he/she unlocks hidden costs. Delivery costs constitute the highest number of people check out the site without buying the goods and services. Customers fail to purchase products due to reasons like:

• Extra costs which are too high
• Lack of payment options
• One is forced to create an account on the site
• Long checkout process
• Delivery of the products takes too long etc.

The abandoned cart email is key to e-commerce marketers since they rely on them to try and woo back the customers to make a purchase. With the help of an e-commerce marketing automation strategy, they can utilise it to reach customers and recover sales.

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Develop a well-executed subject line

As an e-commerce marketer, it is essential to crafting a subject line that will help the retail recover lost sales due to abandoned carts by customers. It is vital to keep the abandoned cart email subject lines simple and attractive to the customer. Many people open an email based on the subject line, and that's why it should pinpoint crucial detail. The strategy works well for many stores, and they can recover some sales. A study has shown that over 50% of people open emails based on the subject line. Making your mail stand out amidst many emails is crucial since, as a marketer, you know what you want to achieve. The information on the subject line includes; product name & details, customer name, company name, simple and to the point friendly note.

Use a clear Call-to-Action

An email call-to-action is a link or button that is well designed to get a prompt response from the customer. The buttons are many ones that have to figure out which one to apply to the potential customer. An example of a button buys now, purchase essays online, return to your cart, etc. CTA, it's good to choose the words to use in wooing your potential customer. It is advisable to avoid words like 'buy this'; it can miss-judged wrongly, but using a CTA phrase like ‘return to your cart’ can trigger someone to click on the abandoned cart email. E-commerce marketers have to come up with buttons that are eye-catching and appealing to the person intended. The phrase should impact your potential customer for him/her to click on the email and possibly persuade his/her purchasing power. It is that CTA that can help retailers to convert their subscribers into buyers. Reconstructing your phrase is a crucial element on the intended subscriber like 'pay a visit to your cart.'

Offer Support and Discount

The number of people who check out their carts does it for a reason, and the e-commerce marketer needs to address all the issues in one email. As a marketer, you have to add your contact information to your potential customers who would like to reach out. The strategy is critical because it allows the people to ask further questions concerning your abandoned cart. The contact is added just below the CTA button, and the store uses this strategy to help the customer overcome any doubts and make a call of action. The number given should be a direct line to the marketer, and keeping cart items as your priority is essential. Offering a discount in the email, you send to the potential customer can be the push rightly needed. Discounting carts help trigger potential customers to purchase goods and services. When visitors come to your site, their intention could be to try and compare the total cost, and if it exceeds the other, he/she checks out. While others visit the store to shop, but when they encounter additional or extra costs, they end up abandoning the cart.

Be Specific and Be Personal

As an e-commerce marketer, one has to have customer service email samples to help in coming up with CTA. The email samples help give a direction in coming up with a rephrased wording geared towards attracting the customer. Being specific to the point and let your customer know that he left a piece of luggage that he/she might need it. Reminding the receiver via a cart recovery email is vital in coming up with the solution to the abandoned carts. Using essay writing help, one can write the perfect message to the visitor to help revive their interest in purchasing items. Research shows that 94% of all businesses admit that email personalisation has helped achieve success. It is crucial to get more personal by showing your user the items left in the cart.

Offer alternatives

Offering a possible option choice as an e-commerce marketer is an essential element to add s on the email. It is because the customer or visitor might have chosen the wrong item or missed the product, he/she intended to purchase. It is also good not to ignore the fact that the customer’s choice by overlooking it. Besides the item chosen, it is crucial to align the alternatives in a backup role of their excellent taste preference. Options include showing different colours of the same product or even offering accessories as a backup to the main item.

Optimise for mobile

Most emails sent to people worldwide read emails via phone due to the availability of smartphones and the internet. People depend on mobile phones to open or delete them in the shortest period. A marketer's work is to strategizse the layout of the email and make it appropriate before sending it to the receiver. Some visitors go to the extent of unsubscribing entirely from the site. It is crucial for e-commerce marketers to consider a test of emails on their mobile phones because most people check on messages frequently. It is critical to ensure the news has friendly content, and the alternative images of the item are well designed. The images should have the right size to avoid sending the wrong message to your potential customer.

Offer a coupon

In the retail business, a coupon discount is offered to customers but at the right time. Coupons discount needs to be distributed well because one can mistake and offer discount carts to well-being people. It is because you can discount someone who would have been happy to pay the whole package. A cut-price does not guarantee you the customer will stick around and be among your loyal customers. He even may choose to go back to his established brand even after gifting a tactical online coupon to the individual. It is advisable to offer a coupon to well-deserving loyal or repeat customers. A situation may occur when you have sent several emails to the potential customer and no response at all. As a marketer, it is good to consider including the coupon code in the last try.

Include Customer Reviews and social proof

Many people in online social platforms depend on the reviews of other customers who have used the product from time to time. Study shows that over 91% of people read online reviews on different products and services. The reviews affect positively or negatively on the purchasing power decisions to new potential customers. The social interactions online concerning a product act a proof to the original customer. Social proof is one of the six principles of persuasion in business. As a marketer attaching the best shopping cart reviews, especially on the item purchased can be the last option to convince the client to complete checkout. By reading through the original surveys by users, it can persuade new customers into buying the product in the cart.

Create catchy graphics and a sense of urgency

An e-commerce marketer Allan Smith from a fast-growing coursework writing service says: “It is essential to enroll in a to improve your ability to create moving messages. Creating an appealing graphic can be instrumental in creating a positive impression. It helps visitors or subscribers to click on completing the order. Its graphic elements send a message to the customer, and it is vital to include notes.” As a marketer, it is crucial to create alerting messages showing how many people have the item in their cart. Also, letting the customer understand what he/she is about to lose is a great marketing tactic. The urgency in the email should not purport to lie to customers to lure them in buying your product.


Knowing how best to create a desirable subject line with the right CTA button in place. The marketing strategy is critical in persuading a visitor or subscriber to turn in to be a repeat customer. Coming up with a great graphic image is a skill learned and effected, and as a marketer, one should be well equipped. Having messages that stand out from the many emails sent to a specific customer is a crucial strategy to win potential customers to increase your sales.

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