The Skills You Should Look For In SEO Writers


Small companies that publish at least 16 articles each month generate 4.5 times more leads than companies that do not, according to BKA Content. So it is clear that consistent SEO content creation is a must for brands to grow their reach. So if your brand wants to publish SEO-optimised articles consistently, you’ll need skilful SEO writers for the job. So what sort of skills should you look for in SEO writers?

SERP Analysis
An average of 3.5 billion Google searches are made each day, according to Internet Live Stats. Brands will need to veer away from traditional SEO practices, as Google’s algorithms are shifting what sort of results they are showing according to a user’s intent. As such, the SEO writers you consider need to have a strong understanding of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) analysis. Skilled SEO writers will be able to understand what content type is presently in demand, such as PDFs or podcasts, and develop effective content as necessary.

Ability To Add Value To Content
A staggering 82% of consumers are value-driven, according to IBM, so if your brand wishes to draw in consumers, its content needs to offer them value. To achieve that, your writers must have the skill to add value to your content. Try to hire writers who are able to repurpose articles into other forms of content or create helpful lead magnets for readers. Your writers must also be able to balance the value given with the heft of information they send out. Too much information may overwhelm the audience, so you will need a writer with the right skills to balance content with value.

Diving Into Topics Instead Of Keywords
In the younger days of SEO, it was not unnatural to find multiple keywords sprinkled in articles. Algorithms place more importance on the consistent publication of engaging content instead of SEO keywords. Your SEO writers, therefore, must have the capability to dive into a wide array of topics to provide your audience with the information that they’re looking for.

SEO writing is a skill that is carefully developed through the many different trends and demands of the market. Those are skills that your brand needs if it wishes to remain relevant and ahead of the curve. So when it is time to add SEO writers to your growing number of employees, keep an eye out for the skills they should have so you may continue to grow your brand further.

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