What SEO Techniques Should be Employed When Creating a Domain Name from Scratch?


One of the most challenging aspects of creating a website is to keep abreast of the ever-evolving rules and suggestions associated with search engine optimisation (SEO). While tips and tricks tend to change from time to time, there are some tactics which have been proven to work over the years. It is therefore a good idea to appreciate what the best in the business have to say as well as why these hints should be taken into account by anyone who is looking to buy domain names.

The Power of Human Memory

One of the lesser-known concepts related to SEO is known as processing fluency. While rather psychological in nature, the standard definition of this term involves the ability for an individual to process and remember what has recently been read. Take a look at these two examples of a fictional website to better appreciate this point:

• www.londonplumbing.com
• www.abclondonpipefitters.com

Which one will you be more likely to remember when performing a standard Internet search? The main takeaway point behind processing fluency is to keep your domain name short, relevant and to the point. Long and obtuse titles tend to fall upon deaf ears and they may be entered incorrectly into a search engine. This might even result in the potential customer being redirected to the website of a close competitor.

It should likewise be mentioned that search engines have taken on a decidedly organic feel. This is why the domain name must be created for human readers as opposed to bots. Your site will tend to rank higher and this often leads to a greater number of inbound hits.

The Concept of Broad Keyword Usage

Although this next suggestion might sound a bit odd at first glance, it is actually better to avoid keyword-rich domain names. Why is this the case? It is interesting to note that keyword-laden web addresses were recommended in the past. However, they are often frowned upon in modern times due to the fact that they tend to be associated with substandard content. This is why you will need to find a balance between relevant keyword usage and a unique domain name that is able to catch the attention of the reader. On a final note, domain names comprised solely of a string of keywords may be misinterpreted as so-called “clickbait” websites. This will once again harm your rankings from a long-term point of view.

Have you been unable to come up with a catchy domain name after endless hours of brainstorming to no avail? If so, it is wise to examine the e-commerce provider Shopify in greater detail. You can automatically search for available website addresses and this application even provides related suggestions which you might not have envisioned earlier. The tool is free to use and it could very well provide you with the mental “spark” required to finally transform your dream into a tangible digital reality. Above all, be patient and keep an open mind.

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