SEO Software Innovative Strategies That Will Double Your Traffic


The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is rewarding, but can also be highly competitive and nerve-wracking.

Want to use SEO techniques to dominate your industry? Here is a straightforward approach: step up your game.

The winning SEO strategy that catapulted you to the #1 of search rankings in the past may not work wonders for you now; in fact, Google and other search engines may penalize you for it.

With the strategies mentioned below, you can make the most of SEO software to improve your efforts to double (or even triple) your traffic.

Research Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords

There are lots of variables to know about SEO. Arguably, the most important is to find the right keyword. After all, keyword research is the heart and soul of an effective SEO campaign.

Keyword research helps you focus on whipping up the right content and attracting your target audience. It also increases engagement, helps you stay relevant, and boosts conversion rates. As a result, it allows you to earn higher rankings.

Below are ways you can use SEO tools to discover the best keywords to optimise:

  • Sort keywords – Filter them based on keyword difficulty, search volume, and user intent. They help you find the most accurate keyword information and use the keywords that resonate the most with your audience. You can also identify user intent here to help you determine which keywords can help you generate leads and those that will convert people into customers.
  • Unearth long-tail keywords – Use targeted search phrases. While they may get searched less, they feature a more specific idea. As a result, they lead to a gradual increase in traffic.
  • Find keyword clusters – Cluster similar keywords together. This approach helps you optimize for multiple keywords for a single page. If you don’t group your keywords, it can be challenging to stay relevant when using keywords.

Simplify Content Research and Workflow

Creating content that both your audience and search engines want can be challenging. After all, they are two different audiences.

If you write for people, your content may not be a hit to search engines. And if you solely create content for search engines, your content may not be readable.

The solution? Conduct in-depth research.

Fortunately, SEO software lets you automate most of the research process. This lets you focus on getting SEO writers to create optimized content for your target keyword. Below are ways you can use SEO tools to streamline the content research process:

  • Refer to top-ranking pages – Compare top-ranking pages and check averages of top-ranking factors like average word count and the number of images and headers.
  • Use advanced keyword extraction techniques – research Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) keywords to increase content’s topic relevance.
  • Observe on-page SEO practices – Optimize the different elements of your website — front-end and back-end. This approach lets visitors know how you can provide value. Update meta titles and descriptions, use quality images, and create a clean internal linking structure.

Unearth More Backlink Opportunities

Backlinks are a valuable commodity in SEO. They signal search engines and tell them your site contains links to a valuable resource. They represent a vote of confidence and result in higher rankings and traffic.

You must ensure your backlinks are linked to quality resources. If not, having more backlinks does more harm than good. To help you transfer link juice from other authoritative sites to yours, refer to the list below.

Here are three ways you can use SEO software to find backlink opportunities:

  • Outperform your competitors – Find links your competitors have that you don’t. Then, brainstorm ways on how you can build them. For example, you can create an updated piece and offer it to a webmaster.
  • Improve your link prospecting strategy – Filter link prospects based on SEO factors like organic traffic, backlink criteria, domain authority, and link profile. While often undervalued, link prospecting can help you focus on high-quality link sources and maximize link-building efforts.
  • Use broken linkbuilding – Find broken links on high-domain websites. Then, bring your findings to a webmaster and offer to help them correct the problem.


Many marketers want to take their marketing skills to the next level. This goal is reasonable; if they don’t take measures to uplevel their marketing, they may soon lose their relevance.

Fortunately, the innovative SEO software strategies mentioned above will help.

Remember to use tools to help you create human-first content. Design content that’s both useful and informative.

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