How To Use Visual Elements To Enhance Landing Pages


Landing page design involves making a lot of different elements come together in a cohesive and fluent story. Achieving this effect requires patience and talent, and simply having an eye for detail. However, there’s no saying you can’t learn how to design effective landing pages even if you’re not quite the visual type.

One such element that makes lading pages more effective is visuals – images, charts, graphs, videos, and the like that help add that something-something to a page and take it to the next level.

Here are a few tips on using visuals to enhance your landing pages.

Illustrate complex figures

Whenever you are dealing with numbers and percentages, it’s useful to have a visual aid to help you make your point. While you can and certainly should also use your words to explain these figures, a chart or a graph can go a long way in showcasing your data in an easier to digest manner.

Here is an example from Ahrefs that can help you see our point: while they go quite in-depth about all the different data they share, each piece of information comes with a chart that helps readers spot patterns immediately.

Make your graph informative

Infographics were incredibly popular at one point in digital marketing time, and have since acquired a bit of a bad rap, given the fact that they have been used to death. However, they still remain a very relevant, and more importantly, creative and imaginative way of showcasing information, and people still love them!

The bonus feature of infographics is that they can then be used in link building campaigns, which is what has earned them a bad reputation. You don’t have to go down this route, though, and you can just use your infographic to enhance a landing page.

Here is a nice example from Best Spy, with a neat infographic on savings in the UK – it’s easy to design something similar even with the help of a free online tool, so there really are no excuses for not using something like this.

Use testimonials to your advantage

Testimonials are a great example of how social proof can help boost conversion rates. They are relatively easy to acquire, they are easy to add to a landing page as a distinct element, and they inspire trust and forge a relationship between you as a brand and your customers.

There are all kinds of ways to use them on your landing page. You can add an entire section dedicated just for them, you can add a different one to each different landing page, targeting a different audience, or you can just add a general score kind of widget, and send people to websites that have actually reviewed you.

Here is an example from Khan Academy: they use just one testimonial on their home page, but one that is very effective and speaks from the heart.

Use custom images

Stock images are fine and dandy, but if you can, you should always try to use custom ones instead, which will help you stand out and become more recognizable. You can tie your custom imagery to your brand’s story and voice much more easily, and ultimately, in a more effective manner.

These custom images don’t have to be something overly elaborate, depending on the kind of image you need. You can shoot your own photos very easily even with your phone, and you can find a great illustrator or designer online who can do some images for your landing pages.

Here is an example from Savvy Sleeper of the kind of illustration we have in mind – simple yet very effective, and easy to acquire a different one for every page, all the while staying within a predefined story frame.

Use video only when it makes sense

There has been a whole lot of talk about the importance of using videos on your landing pages, and how video is the next great content format. And while video is certainly a great way to get some people interested and inspire them to spend more time on your page, there is a downside to them.

You can’t skim a video. You have no way of knowing what is about to be said, and if you don’t have time and would just like to get through the information quickly, you might not want to watch a video, even if it’s less than a minute long.

Using video where it does make sense, however, is a great way to boost conversions. For example, demos and explainer videos are a great addition. You can also do interviews and testimonials via video, especially if you use them alongside other content formats.

This video by LeadPages is a nice example – you can watch it and it’s very cool, but if you don’t, there’s a whole lot of landing page copy still there to convert you.

GIFs and memes are your friends too

Finally, let’s touch upon a bit of an unorthodox way to use visuals on your landing pages – GIFs and memes. While they will certainly not appeal to everyone, and they do require a specific kind of audience to work, they are a great way to establish an instant connection with your visitors. They will know you share their sense of humor or even their cultural background, and this will increase your conversion expectations significantly.

There are plenty of ways to use these kinds of visuals: at the end of your landing page, as a hero image, as a nifty way to keep the reader engaged throughout the middle of your copy. There’s no unique magic formula that we can tell you is going to work. You know your audience best, and you know what kind of funny or odd visual might strike the right chord.

Final thoughts

Finding the right visuals to add to your landing pages can sometimes take longer than writing the actual page. However, just because it’s time-consuming doesn’t mean you should skip this step or spend very little thought on your visuals. The better they are, the more likely they are to attract the right attention. So choose wisely, and keep looking until you hit the right tone.

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