How to Outrank Your Competition

Envision what your company could achieve if you could get more leads, more traffic, and more sales.

These useful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tips below will aid you in rising in search engine rankings, making it easier for your customers to find you online.

1. Identify the right search terms.

This may sound simple, however this fundamental concept of SEO is too often overlooked. It is vital to focus on the search terms that your target audience would be searching for. Be specific to your products and services and identify the keywords that customers will use.

2. Aim for improvement, not perfection.

SEO does not happen over night, it is an ongoing effort that takes time to get results. You should not expect to rank first for every possible keyword. Your aim should be to target certain keywords to rank for and track their improvements over time.

3. Conduct a thorough analysis.

Once you have identified the right search terms, analyse and track your performance. The analysis should consider strengths, the keywords you’re doing well in; weaknesses, the keywords where you’re falling behind; opportunities, the areas where you can most easily improve; threats, those areas where you could be overtaken if the competition improves.

4. Tips for Conducting an SEO Analysis

It is vital to identify the key parts of on-page SEO, off-page, technical and social. List these variables and identify sources where these variables can be tracked.

Once you’ve amassed this data and its impact on your search engine ranking, score yourself and look for gaps between you and your top competitors.

Find an element you can improve on immediately, a gap between you and your competition that’s not large and take care of that first. Then move on to the next SEO challenge.

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