Guest Post: How to Make Your Visual Marketing Designs Pop

It’s an unfortunate fact that every piece of marketing out there has to compete with, well, every other piece of marketing out there. And that’s a lot of marketing!
Whatever you’re designing — whether it’s email blasts, social media posts, a website landing page, traditional print marketing, or anything else — it’s vital to use every trick in the book to propel your marketing past that of the competition.
So how can you make sure that your visual marketing designs stand out from the crowd?
Here are seven simple tips to help you create visuals that pop.

Maintain a Clear Focus
One of the most vital aspects of laying the groundwork for awesome visual marketing is to have your focus clearly in mind. This means not only knowing the purpose and goal of each piece of marketing, but also deciding what the focal point will be from a visual perspective.
This may take a little trial and error as you hunt through potential visuals, but even if it takes several different tries, make sure not to settle anything for less. Only use visuals that push your marketing towards your end goals.
Once you’ve settled on the type of visual you’re looking for, make sure that the point of it as it relates to the marketing design is clear.

Promote Branding
If your marketing design seems as though something is lacking, is it possible that that something is clear, effective branding?
This may not be the first thought that comes to mind. But branding does make a difference in how a piece of marketing design looks, as well as in how it is received.
For instance, consider whether the design make clear what is being marketed. Does your logo boost your brand? And most importantly, check for CTAs and information that allows the viewer to follow through the design.
You can have the most eye-catching piece of visual marketing in the history of advertising, but if it doesn’t allow for follow-through or doesn’t even tell the viewer who the advertising is for, it won’t do any good in the end. Including branding makes sure that your marketing not only “pops” but that it also “sticks.”

Tell a Story
One of the best ways to create marketing that really stands out and is easy to remember is to use it to tell a story.
This story doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a quick tale of cause and effect, depending on what you’re marketing.
“He was unhappy. But then he used our product. And now he’s happy!”
Not that that type of storytelling needs to be told in so many words, of course. Use your carefully chosen visuals to get the story across without spelling it out. It’s much more engaging, and draws the viewer into the visual, encouraging them to decipher and understand the details.
That makes the message of the visual more deeply ingrained, as well.

Pair Fonts
A simple visual trick to make your text content stand out, whether on an image background or just a background color, is to pair at least two fonts together. One should be a heavier weight, and used for the key text. The other can be lighter, and even a script font, for the supporting text.
Weights, types, and sizes may vary depending on the layout you choose for your marketing materials. But viewers are almost always drawn to a mix of fonts rather than a single one. It adds a level of visual interest that would otherwise be lacking.
Of course, it’s not good to go too overboard with this. Four or five (or more!) different fonts on one piece of marketing would be distracting, if not downright overwhelming.
And make sure that you choose fonts that play well with each other.

It’s no secret that the color of both products and marketing materials makes a big difference in how much attention viewers pay to them. People will even pay more for the exact same product in a color that they prefer; and the same principle applies to visual marketing.
Color choice for marketing is influenced by the type of marketing you’re doing. For instance, real estate marketing often uses blue, which is a color that typically promotes professionalism, trust, and confidence.
So using colors that are often associated with your market can reassure the viewer, even if they don’t even realize that they associate that color with that type of business!
At the same time, you don’t want to just use the same colors that everyone else is using. That’s like the opposite of “pop.” So try pairing familiar colors with unusual complementary options.

Full Image Spread
It’s a popular trend in graphic design at the moment to ignore the “bleed” and use full-spread images without borders. Depending on the platform you’re designing for, this can be a great way to catch the eye.
Wall to wall images are more immediately engaging to the viewer. They’re also, somehow, harder to look away from! So using this technique in your visual marketing design, especially if it’s for social media marketing, is almost a surefire win.

A final way to make your visual marketing design stand out from the crowd is to choose its placement carefully.
Again, this depends a great deal on what platform you’re designing for. Obviously, if you’re creating a piece for social media, it will be included on the social media account of the business.
But if the piece is for print media, or email blasts, or for inclusion on the company website, where and how it is placed can have a lot to do with how much it stands out. Landing pages are a classic example of this. Basically solid pieces of visual marketing, they are created separately from any marketing that is included on the site itself.
This placement helps visual marketing to truly stand out. And if “pop” is what you want, then making your visuals “stand out” is the way to get it!

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