Importance of High Quality Images in Web Design

A website with high-quality web design always brings good fortune to any business. This is the reason it becomes a must-have platform for every entrepreneur.

But before creating one, you must consider several factors such as you should always aim for simplicity so your audience can easily read and navigate your website; and make it as responsive as possible.

Another factor to consider is to inline the web design with your niche, brand, audience’s interest, and content. This is for your audience to easily understand your brand's message.

The good news is this can be all easily achieved just by including high-quality images on your web design. This method is effective because people love images! Once they feel the emotion it conveys, they will share it.

To explain this further, here are 5 reasons that show the importance of high-quality images in web design.

Importance of high-quality images in web design

1. High-quality images capture the authenticity
One of the best things about high-quality images is it captures your brand’s authenticity. This is very important because people aren’t easy to convince nowadays. They always want an assurance that what you offer is real and beneficial.

So in shooting your images make sure to make it look professional, enticing and engaging. Share these images consistently and you’ll gain more sales in no time.

2. Have a direct impact on conversion rates
Having high-quality images on your website can boost its conversion rate. But what is conversion rate?

In a simple explanation, the conversion rate is the number (in percentage) of your website’s visitors who engaged on the action that you defined (e.g. purchase, fill out a form, etc.).

In marketing, increasing conversion rate is considered the most difficult to achieve. Thankfully, there are simple ways available to increase it easily which is sharing high-quality images.

Just remember, when sharing images make sure it is original and relevant to your niche and brand. This is to avoid sending the wrong message to your audience or worse, being sued for copyright infringement.

3. Images evoke emotions
An image doesn’t only show authenticity but emotions as well.

When people look at images, they always find a connection (something that they can relate to). If they couldn’t find it, they will move on and forget about it.

It may sound difficult to achieve but you can evoke emotion with images in simple ways such as:

• Consider the emotions of your audience
Since everything you do is for your audience, it is best to rely on the emotions they want to feel. If your product is all about sports, you need to have images that show athletes (in all age and gender) feeling happy and strong doing the sports they love.
• Consider your own emotion
Happiness is contagious. So, never think twice about sharing your own photo feeling confident using the products/services you offer.
• Be experimental
The best moments always come unexpectedly and sometime in the weirdest camera angle. So, don’t be afraid to shoot in a different direction!

4. Increasing user engagement
The main purpose of creating an effective web design is to make it shareable on all social media platforms and increase user engagement. This is where images become handy and advantageous over text-based content.

In social media platform, there is a limit in character count. If you share a text-based content, there is a possibility that the message will be cut. So if the first line of your posts isn’t engaging enough, no one will click it.

Unlike with images, you can include the entire message on it. So when people view it, they will immediately know what it is all about.

5. Great images fuel social media

Images are the most popular form of content today! If you consistently share relevant (to your niche) images with great value, there is more chance for your business to be discovered, grow, and acquire loyal followers. Moreover, attractive images taken by professional or amateur photographers does not matter as long as it looks high-quality in the audience’s eyes.

Therefore, it’s essential to have the right equipment for your own social media (Facebook, Instagram…). Fortunately, David from Cameraseals has a review on many cameras for social media that you should check out.

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