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Optimise Your Marketing Strategy With Email Automation.

Are you really getting good results with your Email Marketing strategy?

If you are only sending Newsletters, promotional emails, and a greeting from time to time; the most likely thing is that you are losing a large percentage of your selling possibilities. Email automation is the key to maximise your billing. Good results in Email Marketing are achieved only with a solid strategy. It is not about sending all your promotions to all your products. It is about your subscribers receiving what they need at the right time.

This differs a lot from choosing a day of the week to send emails. This worked a while ago, but technology and competition demand a slightly more advanced strategy today.

What is Email Automation?

It is a campaign that is configured only once and triggers when a subscriber of the list complies with the chosen criteria.

Imagine that you send a promotional campaign to your subscribers. Those who click on the link within 24 hours will automatically receive free shipping for your purchase. Those who do not will receive an email communicating a sense of urgency because the offer is finished. This case is very, very simple to automate email marketing.

The flows can be more complex and consider many other variables that have to do with the behaviour of users on the site. It is about getting the subscribers exactly the contents that have the most value to them at the most effective time to do so.

From this personalisation, you can see the wonderful results that this functionality can offer you. If you are looking to multiply sales and take full advantage of the information you have from your potential clients, email automation is the most efficient way to do it. Using the data you have to build loyalty and maximise the billing, will be your best differential.

Here are 7 powerful reasons for you to consider the automation of emails:

1. You configure it only once and it works alone.
2. Accelerate your Conversion Funnel. Possible customers move from one stage to the next faster and in greater quantity.
3. Messages always arrive at the right time.
4. The contents are extremely personalised, according to the behaviours, interests and demographic data of your Subscribers.
5. It is the most effective form of segmentation.
6. It does not depend on third parties so it is oblivious to changes in algorithms.
7. It is very accessible (much more than you imagine).

Tool to create email automation

If you think that all this is only achieved with a large investment, it is time to hear the good news. Email automation tools allow you to create all types of flows, free of charge or with paid plans depending on the number of subscribers. Some of these tools include ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, SendinBlue, Ontraport.

Types of Automated Email Campaigns

It is important that you take into account that each one will allow you to achieve different objectives. You can build smaller automated email flows that only incorporate one or two types. And then increase the complexity of your strategy to automate virtually all your Conversion Funnel.

• Email Automation by List Subscription

It is the Welcome Email that arrives automatically when a Subscriber registers through one of your forms. It is a key piece that you must necessarily include in your email automation marketing strategy. It will be the way to start a close, fluid and solid bond from the first moment.

The opening rate of this type of mail is usually very high since users usually expect this type of pieces when they subscribe through a form. Therefore, you can take advantage of sending you all the content that you think will add value:

A nice greeting.
A brief overview of what they can get from you.
A small tutorial if it is an App that requires it.
A discount for the first purchase if it were an e-commerce.

• Email Automation for Campaign Behaviour

It is one of the most important automation when sending valuable content to your Subscribers. It is about triggering different types of actions based on user behaviour. You can schedule new waiting times and different types of conditions associated with your Campaign.

If you want to generate more purchases, following the interests of your subscribers will be your only way out.

• Email Automation by RSS

This type of automation is for anyone who has a Blog or a News Site and wants to get the latest updates to the Subscribers of a List. Many times, we do not make the necessary time to enter a site even though we are very interested in the contents of such site.

However, if we receive an email commenting on the main issues and a short summary of each one, we will probably go to the one we are interested in. It is a very effective way to bring traffic to the blog and to improve brand positioning in the minds of your Subscribers.

• Email Automation by Scheduled Date

Do you want to surprise your Subscribers with an original greeting on their birthday?

Use this automation to build loyalty on special dates or to make important notifications on recurring dates - or both. It will an opportunity to differentiate yourself with a message that will surprise your Subscriber at the right moment and take your presence in their mind to another level.

• Email Automation for On-Site Behaviour

Do you have an eCommerce?

Do you sell services online?

Imagine that a user comes to your website and stops to look at a certain product but does not buy it. Two hours later, an email arrives in his inbox with a photo of that product with a discount and a message that really manages to empathise with him.

With that, you will most likely persuade him to make the purchase immediately.

You already know what email automation is, why it cannot be missing in your Digital Marketing strategy and the possibilities it offers you to reach your subscribers always with the appropriate content and at the right time. Why not go ahead and add it to your marketing strategy?

Author Bio:

Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for app development companies in USA, UK, India, UAE, Australia and around the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.

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