Digitising Your Marketing Strategy with a Cutting-Edge Mobile Website

52.95% of people use mobile phones as compared to the 43.11% using desktops worldwide, according to statistics released in July 2018. This has a number of implications for businesses trying to establish a strong digital presence online. If businesses are to flourish in the digital age, they must take advantage of the tool in almost everybody's hands: smartphones. However, taking advantage of this communication device requires a multi-pronged strategy that will include employing effective SEO tactics to boost your online presence. It would be wise for any business to align any digital marketing strategies to the capabilities of these popular hand-held gadgets.

The Necessity of Digitisation

Digitising is perhaps one of the best moves you can make for your business. For one thing, it can help save you money in terms of storage space. You will be in a position to store them in the cloud which will help you cut down on physical storage space. Additionally, it goes without saying that it can help to improve your data security. You can place restrictions on your data that will protect it from access by unauthorised third parties. You can also employ digital marketing techniques to raise awareness and increase the popularity of your goods and services. Utilising your data to boost sales could lead to business growth and as a consequence, an increase in profits. All these advantages can be accessed and exploited best if they are channelled through smart phones, which can be viewed as a central component of reaching customers through your sales funnel.

Let the Thumb Rule

The rule of thumb (or index finger) when it comes to mobile websites, is to make a site that is navigable by one thumb. This is an advantage as it allows users to scroll solely with their phone hand without needing to use their second hand. Given the fact that most people will access the site using a touch sensitive device, it is also necessary that the navigation buttons are able to accommodate larger fingers. This prevents accidental taps as well as optimising the user experience.

Opt for a Responsive Framework

HTML frameworks have made it easier than ever to design responsive websites. A responsive website adapts depending on screen dimensions of the gadget used to access it. With a HTML framework, you will also be in a position to define each section of your design for small, medium and even large screens. You will also be saved from having to optimise a mobile friendly design as the HTML framework automatically enhances the design.

A good digital marketing strategy rests on choosing one that has a wide access. A strategy that places smartphones at the centre is sure to be successful.

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