Guest Post: A Student's Guide: How to Create Your First Website

A majority of students believe that a resume is the most important networking tool they require. You will be surprised to know that a resume is not the only tool you need to secure a good job. Indeed, resumes are meant to provide a summary of academic qualifications and skills. However, the problem with resumes is that once you hand them to a potential employer they become outdated. You cannot update a resume in the possession of an employer once you send it. In today’s world you do not need to rely on a static resume given that a personal website can do much more. This article will guide you on how to make a website.

Why do learners need a personal Website?
• A website, unlike a resume, is dynamic. You can keep updating the content to reflect your current achievements. A resume will force you to send updated copies to your contacts. With a website, however, employers can see the latest achievements you have made.
• You get to learn critical skills. Creating a website will provide you with some technical skills. While you may not be specialising in a tech field, these skills will go a long way in making you an attractive candidate. Write my essay for me will help you with your essays. Students have tight schedules due to the numerous assignments given. However, with essay writing help from professional writers, you can save a lot of time that you would have spent on assignments. Hence, you have time to make your own website, which is critical in today’s world.

Understand the kind of website you need
Different types of websites serve different functions. You need to identify the kind of website you need. The following are some types of websites:
• E-commerce website. It is a website where others can purchase products directly from you. It normally contains a shopping cart and a way for clients to provide their credit card information to complete a purchase.
• Business website. Represents specific business and it communicates the types of products or services the particular business offers.
• Portfolio website. Devoted to displaying examples of past work. It can include samples of previous works to enable potential clients to see what one is capable of doing.
• Brochure website. It is a simplified version of a business website. It includes a few pages that display the basics of what a business does and contact details.
• Personal web page. It serves to put someone’s ideas to the world. Blogs and vlogs fit in this category

Choose and register a domain name
A personal website requires a domain name, which is the name visitors type in their browser to view the webpage. The domain name will be accompanied by extensions which include .com, .net, .org and .info among others. Ensure that the brand name is relevant to the type of website. Keep it short to enable people to remember it easily. Once you have established that the name does not exist, go ahead and register it. Identify a Webhosting company and choose a plan that works for you.

Install WordPress
You now have a domain name, hence you can start building a WordPress website. The popularity of WordPress has made it common for personal websites. You need to install WordPress into your computer. The installation process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

• Type the domain name on the browser and add /cpanel. (Example:
• Locate the “WordPress Installer” section and click it.
• Fill the black spaces with the required details.
• Click install once you have filled all the black spaces.
Pick a design with a theme
You need to choose a theme for the new site. Identify a theme that appears good for you. Custom essay service recommends that you choose a theme that is versatile. With time, you can always change to another one. If your plan is better, then you will have access to many themes. For a start, choose simple themes you can customise to fit the site.

Use widgets and plugins
Plugins are packaged codes that add functionality to student-created websites. While WordPress offers various functionalities. However, these are not enough to create an appealing website. You need to ensure that the site captures the attention of visitors. The WordPress plugin repository contains numerous plugins you can choose from. Additionally, widgets are small blocks that perform certain functions. Widgets will provide a simple way of offering design and structure control over the themes.

Add valuable content
You have done most of the technical work. You need now to embark on adding content that readers can access. Remember, users are looking for high-quality content. Without good content, all your previous efforts will be wasted. You may have the best theme, plugins, and widgets, but low-quality content will reduce the number of individuals visiting the site. In WordPress, adding content is easy. Click “posts” then “Add New.” An editor window will open where you can format your text accordingly.

Get some traffic on your site

Student websites require more than just good content. You need to take an extra step and establish ways of getting traffic to the site. Getting visitors to your site can be achieved using the following methods.
• Twitter. Post links on Twitter using appropriate hashtags.
• Facebook groups. Identify a Facebook group that is active and post the link to your website.
• Advertisements. You can promote your content by placing ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others. This will increase the visibility of your site to more people.
• Comment on other websites. You can identify websites related to your field and comment on their content. While doing so, you can provide a link to an article in your blog that provides more information about the issue discussed.
• Write on other blogs. Identify reputable blogs and request to write a post. Talk to the site owners to allow you to provide a link to your blog.

Conclusively, a personal website can be an effective way of enhancing your resume. Having a personal website can assist students to find jobs in the future. Due to the process involved in setting up a site, students can feel overwhelmed, especially when they are handling many assignments. ResumeThatWorks can assist you to write a professional resume. In an era where making a website has been simplified, you do not have a reason for failing to have a personal website. Now that you have learned how to launch WordPress site, go ahead and put the skills into action.

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