6 SEO Facts That Will Surprise You

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, may sound like a hard technique to master. In reality, good SEO is all about understanding your strengths as a company, and making sure you undertake smartly applied, regular internet activity to make sure that the people who need you can easily locate you. We’ve put together six interesting stats that show you how SEO can help you.

1 – 75% Of Searches Will Be Conducted On Mobile

In 2016 71% of all searches were done on phones and tablets. This number is expected to rise another 4%, hence another reason why people should make sure their site's are optimised for the mobile experience.

2 – 67% Of Users On Mobile Leave An Unoptimised Site

When people look for something on a phone, and a site isn’t designed with mobile platforms in mind, that can cause both presentation and interface problems. Once it becomes obvious to a user that your site isn’t responsive, they’ll rarely hesitate to stop and look up another result.

3 – 72% Of Local Searches Visit A Store Within 8 KM

When someone is doing a search for nearby restaurants, shops or other services, the probability is high that there’s an intention to conduct a visit right after some results have popped up. This makes vitally important for people that rely on customers to physically visit their business to ensure that local searches find and report them easily.

With good SEO, you make sure that people that are nearby have the best possible chance of finding you when they conduct a search. Factors such as usefulness, popularity, and, of course, smart use of keywords all play a role in driving you towards the person looking for you on a search engine.

Always design and test your website on mobile platforms. Website visitors should easily be able to touch interfaces and navigate around them easily.

4 – 300% More Effective Than Social Media

Unsurprisingly when someone is actively looking for something, a purposeful search—such as using Google—is what they resort to first, rather than social media. Statistics reflect that the best driver of traffic to content websites is still search, beating out social media by 300%.

5 – 61% On Facebook

The searches for information that do arise from the use of social media, it should come as no surprise that the Facebook commands the vast majority of the attention. 61% of all social media related searches come from people making their discoveries on the platform that is nearly impossible to escape from. Thus it is vital in SEO terms to make sure you have a presence on Facebook and that you engage with it actively in your promotional and search efforts.

6– Two Trillion

Two trillion. That's the number of searches carried out on Google alone in the course of a single year. While there are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! Google is be far the undisputed king with the lion’s share of searches, so it’s critical to understand and use its search algorithms to your best advantage.

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