5 Reasons to Avoid Template Websites

There are many free or cheap ways to start reaching your customers, such as creating a free website and signing up for free social media accounts.

However, although the accessibility of digital marketing tools does make things easier to get started for small businesses, there are some things that are worth paying for. Web design is certainly one of them, as a website is effectively your main marketing tool and all your online activities refer customers back to it.

Here are 5 reasons you may want to rethink using templates and explore a unique custom design instead:

1. They look cheap

Although templates may be free or cheap, they unfortunately look it too. Most templates have no intuitive features or originality and will most likely leave your customers feeling unimpressed. Using a template for your website will make your business look generic, non credible or even unprofessional.

2. They're not always responsive

Not all templates are responsive and may not display your website correctly on mobile devices. With more than 60% of site traffic now through mobile this is a risk simply not worth taking.

3. They won't make a good first impression.

According to researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for a visitor to form an opinion of your brand once they have perused your website. Given that short timeframe, making a strong first impression should be a priority when it comes to your website.

4. They most likely won't be search engine friendly

Building your website with valid HTML and CSS code is crucial to the success of your website in search engine rankings. Most templates will not be designed with SEO in mind and may even penalise your search engine rankings.

5. They won't be tailored to your audience

Templates are generic and and don't factor who the audience of the website will be or how they will be using the website. Having a website that accurately reflects it's audience is more likely to convert visitors into customers.

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