5 Free SEO Tools

Optimising your website for SEO in 2018 isn’t optional anymore. It’s not enough to simply have great content in this digital age. Now, it’s all about making sure your website is competitive when it comes to SEO. Luckily, there are more tools than ever for building your SEO even if you’re not a web developer. Here are 5 awesome free SEO tools for 2018.

1. Yoast SEO
One of the best tools for SEO happens to also be free! Yoast SEO is a plugin for WordPress that takes all the heavy lifting out of SEO for you so you can focus on things that matter more for your website. Yoast SEO has a lot of options for customising keywords, meta descriptions, and optimising images. It makes sure each post and page on your WordPress website ranks its highest.

2. Google Analytics
Most website owners are already aware of Google Analytics, but not all of them take advantage of it fully. Google Analytics has a lot of features that shed insight into how your website is functioning in search engines. Aside from the expected features like traffic numbers and bounce rate, you can also learn about your organic traffic. Learning more about your traffic demographics is the first step to creating a plan for SEO keyword development.

3. SEMRush
Keywords are one of the trickiest parts of SEO. You need to choose the right keyword for your niche and audience, but it’s hard to tell just how well your keywords are performing. While SEMRush has a paid version, their free interface is a great tool for keyword tracking. You can monitor up to 10 keywords and even compare them with your competitors. Try SEMRush for yourself to see how your keywords stack up to the competition!

4. Anchor Text Generator
A link strategy is an important part of SEO optimisation. Your anchor text for outbound links and for internal links makes a difference since it’s how search engines will categorise your page. For help generating your own anchor text for your own website or for linking to your pages on other websites, use a free generator. Linkio is a free anchor text generator which is perfect for anyone who’s struggling to create the right link strategy.

5. Website Crawler
Sometimes the best way to review your SEO strategy is to crawl your website yourself. Crawling your website with a tool like Spider SEO Crawler lets you notice weak areas in your website and also identify errors. Spider SEO has a downloadable free version which lets you crawl over 500 website pages and review in-depth reports about things like duplicate title tags. Crawling your website regularly gives you insight into how search engines like Google will view your pages as well as strengthening your SEO strategy.

The Best SEO Tools
Having the right SEO tools on your site is key to creating a strong SEO plan in 2018. With so much competition for top rankings, you need to use everything at your disposal to make sure your website is ranking for the right audience. These SEO tools above are all free so you don’t have to have a big budget to be competitive in today’s digital age!

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