3 Key Elements To A Great Website

Creating a responsive website that talks to your customers can potentially bring you good quality leads, which ultimately will bring in more business. When it comes to designing your website the one size fits all approach will not work. It's necessary that your website is custom designed to your ideal customers, with an authentic message.

We've put together a few key elements to making an effective website and creating a competitive advantage.

1. Add value

Most of your website visitors are more than likely not ready to purchase from you right away. You need to add value or offer something useful so that your website visitors remember your brand and also return to your website.

There are several ways that you can add value for your website visitors :

• Provide a ‘gateway’ product that you can sell (or giveaway for free) that gives a flavour of the services you offer
• Create an irresistible offer that makes it an easy decision for people to sign up to your newsletters
• Create a resources section with free downloads of PDFs showcasing your knowledge and work

2. Be clear

As we know you only have a few seconds to impress people when they land on your website. So it's imperative that you provide a fantastic first impression and are clear in your service offering. First impressions are hugely important and having an effective home page is critical as it doesn’t take long for website visitors to hit the back button or close their tab.

There are a few ways to show how you can help potential prospects:

• Demonstrate your credibility and your work. Whether it’s clients you work with, case studies, awards, results. Make sure that it’s easy for people to see.
• Present well-written copy that showcases your offering to your customer’s benefit. It’s well worth the investment of having a copywriter review your headlines and copy.
• Have consistent brand messaging across all of your website and social media. Consistency builds trust and is a key part of your overall brand strategy.

3. Be functional

Not only do you need great design with clear and effective content, but you also need to make sure your website actually works and functions properly. Make sure it is responsive and displays great on all devices. Bad experiences spread faster than good ones, so make sure your website is working as it should to avoid annoying website visitors.

How to make sure your website works:

• Test your website on mobile devices. With new phones and tablets being launched all the time it’s crucial to plan regression testing from time to time.
• Test your website forms often to make sure they are all working properly and going to the right person or your CRM system.
• Review your website hosting reliability, it’s important to make sure your virtual shop window is secure and available 24/7.

Make time to plan and execute changes to your site and turn it into a magnet for strong leads and clients. Carrying out changes and frequent updates will give you an edge over your competitors and present your brand in the best possible light.

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