Why do I need a maintenance retainer?

We are regularly asked about ongoing costs and maintenance for the websites we produce. With all our proposals we include an option to take on a web maintenance retainer which brings some serious value to your business online.

Below we have broken down a list of services covered in our basic retainer.

1. Reporting and Analytics

We ensure your website is evolving and working for your business. After your site is put live, we analyse your statistics and deliver you a jargon free and easy to read report.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Google is constantly updating it's algorithm and implementing new SEO techniques. It's important that we stay up to date and implement the necessary changes into the website. If your site isn't conforming with Google's recommendations then you will quickly lose ratings or possible even been blacklisted. We carry out regular SEO audits on you website and make sure all SEO boxes are being ticked.

3. Back ups

We back up all our sites on a regular basis to ensure the website is never lost.

4. Updating the website

If you want a web partner that will take care of updating the content on your website we can help you. We'll update the website within 24 hours of being told what to update.

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