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Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s system for organising information about millions of well-known entities: people, places, and organisations, to build a map of how information is interconnected. It’s a knowledge base used by Google to enhance its search results with the use of human language technology (e.g. entity recognition and linking) and the semantic web (graphs of linked data).

The Knowledge Graph is mainly used to help Google improve its search relevancy, but also to enhance search presentation: When a search query contains a notable entity—such as a well-known brand or a famous person—a Knowledge Panel, which is a type of rich answer, is displayed on the results page, populated with instant answers and links to related content.

This is because Google has learned that when users enter a search query, they’re not simply looking for answers, but are open to invitations to explore a whole network of connections. So to enhance the user experience, Google has started to generate insights based on the most popular questions people ask and associated content.

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